Battleship Cooldown Calculator

Instructions: Enter the absolute cooldown for the battleship's main gun (in seconds), as well as any any relevant cooldown reduction. Also enter the reload stat for the battleship in question (potentially including fleet tech) and the percentage reload buff, if any. If you'd like to include a temporary reload buff (e.g. Hood's buff, or Reload Order) then you can enable that as well.

Reload Stat:
Reload Percentage Buff:
(for example from Queen Elizabeth)
Cooldown Reduction Percent:
(for example on Champagne)
Initial Cooldown Reduction Percent:
(for example on King George V)

Temporary Reload Buff?
(for example from Howe)

Main Gun Cooldown:


High Standard FCR Equipped?

Main Gun Cooldown:

Main Gun First Cooldown:

Main Gun Shot Timers: