Airstrike Cooldown Calculator

Choose a ship from the dropdown. Modify her reload stat if necessary (in case she’s oathed, is under level 120, etc.) Enter any relevant bonus modifiers (these are not automatically generated), and choose her equipment. You can provide custom data for any of the dropdowns by choosing “Other” from the bottom of the menu.

Choose Ship:
Base RLD Stat:
(without skills, Fleet Tech, or cats)
Ship is Oathed
(and with 200 affinity)
Bonus RLD Stat:
(from Fleet Tech and cats)
Reload Percentage Buff:
(from skills, for example from Queen Elizabeth)
Cooldown Reduction Percent:
(for all airstrikes, for example on Aquila)
Initial Cooldown Reduction Percent:
(for one airstrike, for example on Kaga)
First Plane Cooldown:
First Plane Count:
Second Plane Cooldown:
Second Plane Count:
Third Plane Cooldown:
Third Plane Count:
Homing Beacon Equipped
Airstrike Cooldown:
Airstrike First Cooldown:
Airstrike Launch Timers: