Airstrike Cooldown Calculator

Instructions: Enter the absolute cooldown for each plane slot (in seconds), as well as the planecount for that slot. If a carrier only has two plane slots, or has two identical planes in different slots, feel free to leave the third plane type out of the calculation simply by setting the planecount to zero. Also enter the raw reload stat for the carrier in question, and the percentage reload buff, if any.

Reload Stat:
Reload Percentage Buff:
(for example from Casablanca)
Cooldown Reduction Percent:
(for example on Ise)
Initial Cooldown Reduction Percent:
(for example on Kaga)
Use Loadout From Ship:

First Plane Cooldown:
First Plane Count:

Second Plane Cooldown:
Second Plane Count:

Third Plane Cooldown:
Third Plane Count:

Homing Beacon Equipped

Airstrike Cooldown:

Airstrike First Cooldown:

Airstrike Launch Timers: