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About Me

I'm Leo Izen, a mathematics major at the University of Michigan, an amateur programmer of 13 years, and a huge nerd. This page is a bulletin board of personal space for me to stick whatever. Disclaimer: This page is not a portfolio or a resume. Please do not treat it as a distilled professional anthology presentation. (I can write inordinately obfuscatingly syllabic passages too!)

I have gone by a great many names on the internet: I am Leo Izen, thebombzen, The Sleepy Logician, and The One Who Cut The Orange In Half.

    Just this one so far, but more coming soon!
  • Creating Meme-Style Images in GIMP - An extremely thorough tutorial on how to create high-quality meme-style images in GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
Projects I Maintain
  • TumblGIFifier - A GUI application that takes a video file and automatically creates a GIF under 2 Megabytes, which is the maximum GIF size on Tumblr. I use it to create GIFs for my own blog, theblogzen. It's written in Java and uses an FFmpeg backend.
  • The Grimoire - A searchable Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition spellbook. This is a fork of Seph's (ephe's) Grimoire with several added features and tags (and various things fixed up). As of writing this, this fork is currently the most used one I could find on the internet (which is exactly as reliable of a statement as is sounds). Given the nature of D&D, I try to update the grimoire with the various errata, but I don't guarantee that it's perfectly correct or fully content-inclusive. Also, for the record, I'm shocked how I've managed to keep it maintained this long given that I don't really know anything about Ruby or Jekyll. So if anyone wants to help me out with pull requests and such, please feel free.
  • Quads Rating Estimator - This estimates post-event US Chess Federation ratings for a dual-rated 4-player round-robin event (often known as Quads). It requires all players' scores, rather than just your own, but it's perfectly accurate as long as certain assumptions hold. Based on the algorithm provided in this document.
  • Rating Estimator - This estimates post-event US Chess Federation ratings for any regular USCF tournament. It only requires your rating, opponents' ratings and your score, and is not perfectly accurate. It's different from the USCF Estimator because it calculates expectancies and expected norms. Based on the algorithm provided in this document.
  • Scripts - I write various scripts for myself. You can access (a subset of) them here.
  • AutoSwitch & EnchantView - Two minecraft mods I write and maintain. At least, I should be maintaining them. I don't update them all that much noawadays because I do not play Minecraft anymore.
Projects I Have Contributed To
  • FLIF - Free Lossless Image Format. I wrote the gdk-pixbuf loader.
  • FFmpeg - Cross-platform open-source command-line multimedia swiss army knife. I wrote some minor commits.
  • mpv - Cross-platform open-source command-line media player. I wrote some minor commits.
  • google-translator.js - A Google Translate Node.js package. I wrote some minor commits.
Stuff I like
Here's a few things and resources I like. Some are mine, some are not.
  • GIMP - It would be an understatement to say that I like GIMP. It gets a lot of hate, but I like it a lot.
  • Progress With Chess - Local chess nonprofit I've volunteered for. It's pretty cool.
  • 0x0.st - Temporary paste and filehost service. No need to leave that stuff around forever.
  • sprunge.us - a similar command-line paste service but with piping.
  • tumblr-top - notes data analysis for tumblr blogs
  • Grimoire - See above. Just a bit of shameless self promotion.
  • FFmpeg - Cross-platform open-source command-line multimedia swiss army knife. It's great.
  • mpv - Cross-platform open-source command-line media player. It's also great.
  • youtube-dl - Download YouTube videos from the command line. Wombo-Combo with mpv to play YouTube URLs directly from the command line.
  • Xpra - All the nice things about SSH X11 forwarding and all the nice things about VNC rolled in one. It's also a backend for winswitch.
  • Arch Linux - My personal choice of Linux.
  • Free Lossless Image Format - Not well supported yet, but FLIF looks promising as a real replacement to png, unlike lossless webp
  • Hunter × Hunter - A martial arts story about a cute talented autistic kid with an indestructible fishing rod who is hunting for his dad but ends up getting himself and his adorable group of friends caught up in a fighting colosseum arena, a war between the mafia and a troupe of thieves, a not-so-virtual reality game, a bit of pest control exterminating highly dangerous carnivorous ants, and a bit of politics too for good measure. It's my favorite. It's absolutely not for kids.
  • I go by the name thebombzen on the Internet when possible, using the avatar on the left. I'm male/he/him; I just like the icon.
  • Zorn's Potato - my math blog
  • Github
  • Stack Overflow
  • Riemann Integrable - my personal Tumblr
  • MyAnimeList.net
  • YouTube - mostly an anime clip dump
  • Gfycat - mostly an Overwatch clip dump
  • You can usually find me on the freenode and Rizon IRC servers with the nickname thebombzen.